Untitled (After Bruce Nauman)

$ 2,600.00

Medium : colored pencil on paper (framed, not included in photo)

Dimensions : 50" x 38"

Date : 2013

A new body of work, "I am a recorder," is built on personal narrative that combines memory and heightened moments of daily life with writing and an array of large-format colored pencil drawings. I place myself as a recorder, picking up moments packed tightly inside the everyday. In my practice, I am exploring different ways to depict diary. The process is that I have a daily life, and in moments of that life, I discern and follow the urge to isolate a moment of heightened reality that reaches past itself to become something else, while still retaining that momentary banality. This new work marks a departure for me. In the past, I’ve worked with pop cultural references, but now I want to develop work, using personal references, commenting on lived experience, both specifically to my life, as well as more broadly. I’m also looking at the physical aspects involved in making large-scale work. The act of drawing becomes performative, though I am alone in the studio: there is the camera, the exertion, the mark and other traces, and the body moving in many directions. The practice includes the use of only vertical marks, drawing for half-hour durations, and a limited discordant palette that cheats the composition in the direction of having the quality of being off-register, and from these gaps in the fabric of the drawing comes a shimmer.

About Gretchen Frances Bennett

In 2014, Gretchen Frances Bennett presented drawings and a reading, for postgraduate studies at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. In 2012, her work was included in shows at Ditch Projects in Springfield, Oregon and at The Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington. In 2011, she deve...

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