Paul Komada

Paul Komada was born in Seattle and raised in Yokohama, Japan. In 2002, he completed his MFA program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  Between 2003-­06, he worked at a Buddhist temple as a monk in Tokyo, Japan. Today, he lives and works in Pioneer Square. Paul paints geometric abstraction, but in the past few years has incorporated knitting into the paintings. The change came when he became a stay­at­home dad for his new born son; he started knitting as an alternative to painting.  Now, he combines knitting and painting in his work, exploring the boundary between Art and Craft.  In 2012, he became a member of an artist­collective SOIL. He has exhibited works extensively in the Northwest region. He has also shown works nationally in Harlem NY and Peoria IL, as well as internationally in Seoul, South Korea; Toronto, Canada and The Hague, Netherlands.


Going Cascade, Hand-knit Fabric
South Lake Union Amazon Campus presented by Storefronts/Shunpike, Aug-Oct 2014


Formalist's Agony Studio Project, Multi-media/mixed medium
Prole Drift Gallery, June 2014