Jana Brevick

My work reflects my training (fashion and metal design) and interests (obsolete technology, structures, accidental cartology); I have claimed a new title:  Experimental Interactionist.

My methods drive materials to suit the idea, using traditional techniques when applicable or discarding them if not. This aspect of my work, emperical in nature, allows humor to shine, undisturbed by convention.

Jewelry has heavily influenced my delight in changing scales in a body of work, or sometimes in the same piece. Taking an object out of context using scale compels a reaction.

Uncertain and uncanny moments abound and prove vital to this work.

Along with my studio practice in one-of-a-kind and small edition works, I became a member of SOIL Gallery in 2002, a non-profit experimental space that redefines conservative barriers of the traditional gallery. Co-curating in 2012 and 2103 for Bumbershoot Arts and exhibiting in Pratt Insitute’s Manhattan Gallery are recent fun projects.

Redefining Ballerism-Maverick

basket ball rim, rhinetone chain, silver staples, plastic, steel wire, 2012


Small Furniture of the Earth 3

fabricated sterling silver, 2008